Dec. 16, I Give Up

I’ve had about twenty people from WordPress try to help me. Some are very helpful, others not so much. Sometimes they have me try something, but that feature is broken.

I’m done. Editing a site shouldn’t be this painful and frustrating.

I’m going to cancel with WordPress and try and find another host for the blog. I may have to change the name, I dunno.

I’ll try and publish posts until this site actually gets taken down.

I greatly appreciate your encouragement and taking the time to read my posts, but I can’t deal with not being able to do simple edits to my site.

If you enjoy this blog, I implore you to follow me on Flickr. When I get a new blog going again I’ll announce it there. Thanks again for your patience and kindness. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my humble little blog.




6 responses to “Dec. 16, I Give Up”

    • Thank you Keith! Your support is greatly appreciated! If I could get the WordPress site to work the way I wanted it to (with full control of menus and submenus) I would stay with it. I always envisioned my blog as a resource for people interested in the same odd aspects of photography as I am. Unfortunately implementing some changes in the site to make it more user friendly seemed almost impossible, when they should be easy.

      I think part of the problem is that with any given issue, you get a different support person EVERY time. Some are incredibly helpful, others not. This can make trying to resolve a given issue incredibly frustrating. When I find another host, I’ll definitely tryout their “features” and edibility before I commit.

      Sorry for such a long answer and thank you again, I hope to return!


  1. I’ve been on WordPress (self hosted k not for over 17 years. What’s the issue? Full control of menus and submenus requires changes to the site template and a good knowledge of CSS which you seem to lack. You could hire a professional to do this for you.


    • Hi Khürt, I could hire a professional but the $40 or so per month that WordPress charges is about the maximum I’m willing to spend on this endeavor. It wasn’t just the menus. Seemingly everything I wanted to change/control, that feature hadn’t been implemented yet or worked spotily, but ultimately I just grew weary of the incredible variability of the quality of support. And that I never got the same support person twice.
      I suspect I can eventually find a host with the features or support I want built in? If not, I can just refrain from blogging, these last several days of dealing with that variability in support quality have got me a little burned out and bitter. Maybe I’ll even learn CSS before I blog again?


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