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  • Dec. 16? Houses and Trees

    Dec. 16? Houses and Trees

    I swear that I had scheduled this Lumenbox lens post for today, I distinctly remember clicking on 16 and hitting schedule. I’ll try the same thing with the post I’m writing right now. Who knows if that will work? Edit: WordPress scheduling is broken I guess. I definitely scheduled this to post at midnight and…

  • Nov. 24, Salvage

    Nov. 24, Salvage

    Through a little digital trickery I managed to make three more shots from yesterdays abortive roll of HP-5 into not completely hideous photographs. Maybe they have a sense of mystery or something now?

  • Nov. 13 5 Frames of 6×12 with My Noon Pinhole

    Nov. 13 5 Frames of 6×12 with My Noon Pinhole

    Is this really only the second roll that I’ve shot with this camera? I think it’s true, but there is something so right and familiar about the Noon that it seems like I’ve been shooting it for a long time, which I definitely haven’t. Everything about this camera just seems right, unfortunately the innate goodness…