Ha! You new I wasn’t quite ready to let this blog die completely. I value your readership and support far too much to let that happen.

Having said that, I am migrating platforms. I just bought the domain name thedailylumenbox.com and am in the process of setting up a site there, through WordPress.org, not the current WordPress.com. The new site and domain costs me yearly, what a month here at WordPress.com costs. there may be no support for my new site, but I’ll figure it out or not.

I’m not sure how long it will take to set up my site as you know I’m a complete idiot in that regard. My goal though, as it was before, is to set up something that is both interesting and useful to a few readers. I may be posting less, at least for a while, as the site will be a work in progress. Also I’m working on revising the curriculum for the Ceramics classes I teach and that has to take precedence over the new blog/website.

On the new site, I hope to do some (slightly eccentric) film, camera and photographic process reviews and how tos, even though I don’t feel even half confident to do any of that. What the hell, you gotta try right?

So, thanks again for reading. This site will die pretty soon. If you enjoy this blog, please check


in a day or two. Thanks again for your patience.




4 responses to “¡Rebirth!”

  1. That’s excellent news! I’ve used WordPress myself and once it’s set up it’s a breeze to use. You could even export your posts from WordPress.com into the .org blog if needs be. I look forward to following the new site.


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