Dec. 16? Houses and Trees

I swear that I had scheduled this Lumenbox lens post for today, I distinctly remember clicking on 16 and hitting schedule. I’ll try the same thing with the post I’m writing right now. Who knows if that will work? Edit: WordPress scheduling is broken I guess. I definitely scheduled this to post at midnight and it didn’t. Fuck.

More than you want to know, but I’m exceedingly grumpy because I just got into a bike wreck on the way home from school. I was going a little too fast, hit a chunk of ice and went over the handlebars. I don’t think anything is broken but my new glasses, but I’m already feeling pretty sore (road bruises creep up on your like that). Nonetheless I know I’m lucky that it was a relatively minor wreck, both me and the bike are still in one piece. Them’s the vagaries of choosing to ride your bike I suppose?

For some reason not even known to me, it’s been a challenge to publish the roll of Adox CMS 20 II that I shot last week. Here are a few shots of really exciting subjects like houses and trees (I can almost hear you screaming “Noooooo!! not more houses and trees!”). This roll was shot at ISO 12 with my Leica Ic and Voigtlander 15mm and developed in expiring Adotech IV. Yes, houses and trees! Muah, ha, ha, ha!

By the way, does anyone use a camera that requires an external viewfinder? If you do, I highly recommend investing in a quality viewfinder. I was using the crappy plastic viewfinder that came with the Voigtlander 15mm, but being all plastic, the foot was slowly becoming more and more not a foot. I knew that I didn’t have that long before the viewfinder wouldn’t attach to the camera at all so I finally bit the bullet and bought an exorbitantly priced all metal Voigtlander viewfinder and it’s worlds better. It’s smaller, it’s brighter. Did I mention that except for the glass, it’s all metal? It has bright frame lines that actually give you a preview of what your shot will look like and doesn’t make everything appear like you’re in a fish bowl. Worlds better, really. And no, I didn’t hit my head.

Fauxdobe Shadows
Corner Lot with Trees
Lone Brick
Not Another Tree?
White Door


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