Dec. 16, 6 Frames with my 27mm Lumenbox Lens

Long time readers will have seen shots similar to this before. When I first got my Lumenbox, Jorge Otero (inventor of the Lumenbox and other amazing cameras) sent me a 27mm Lumenbox lens to experiment with. I crudely adapted it to fit a Barnack rangefinder by drilling out a body cap and gray tacking the lens to the inside of the cap. The aperture hole is about f/ 2.8.

The simple plastic meniscus lens blurs and distorts in to what to me is a wonderful swirl, but what I really love about it is the way light sources glow with a life of their own. I guess I really am a lo-fi kind of photographer because I never seem to tire of the glow and distortion from this wonderful little lens.

So here are a few shots with the 27mm Lumenbox lens on my old (1954) Canon IVSb2 rangefinder. These were shot with Adox CHS 100 II and developed in Adox FX-39 II. I realize these won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is The Daily Lumenbox after all.

So Bassic
Sewing Room Miracle
Southern Glow
Closet Ghost
Dresser Top Mirage
Orange Lamp

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