Dec. 10, No Truth, No Beauty…

Curse me. I swore this little blog wouldn’t become a music blog and I’m sticking to that. Nonetheless, we all have our lapses don’t we? In these post truthian times, sometimes it seems like beauty is a casualty too, collateral damage I suppose. Still, if not truth, I think something inside us begs that beauty at least, can survive?

Maybe it can. The sound clip is from Polish artist Antonina Nowacka, she first sang this in a cave in Java and then recorded it in an old fortress in Warsaw. It’s from the album Lamunan.

As a bonus for wading into the world of sound through a photography blog I’m including an unpublished long exposure Cámara Galletita Lumen shot, which maybe doesn’t work with the theme of truth and beauty?

77 Hours

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