August 3, 5 Frames of Non-Infrared Rollei Infrared 400 with My Hawkeye No.2

I was down to just one roll of black and white 120 film, the aforementioned Rollei IR 400 and but I really wanted to shoot the newish to me Hawkeye No. 2 Folding Cartridge camera. I could have rigged up a little pseudo-infrared (or at least red) filter for it, but I’d heard that IR 400 makes a nice regular black and white film shot at ISO 100, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Since the Hawkeye only has one shutter speed (1/25), I compensated for this faster film by stopping down to aperture 3 (f/32).

The negatives came out a tad thin, but they scanned well. Next time I use 100 speed film in the Hawkeye though, I’ll try aperture 2 or between 2 and 3.

Overall though, I’m happy with these results. They’re sharper than I would think a simple meniscus lens could render. I’m also pleased with the high contrast of these.

I was a little hesitant to develop this film in Artemisianol so I punted back to Cinestill monobath. Next time I will try Artemisianol, it seems to work with almost everything.

Bricked Arch

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