July 15, Artemisia Tridentata: Big Sagebrush

I’m afraid this is going to be pretty boring for most of my readers, today I took a bike ride to the western outskirts of Reno in search of Artemisia Tridenta, or Big Sagebrush. Reno is on the western edge of the Great basin and is prime sagebrush country, it grows all around and even in Reno, some people even cultivate it in their yards. I’ve seen sagebrush in peoples yards that must be close to 10 feet tall.

I’ve been meaning to make some sagebrush film developer for a while now and thought maybe I should document the process and possibly write an article about it.

Luckily for my readers, I’ve decided not to include the really boring shots of cooking down the sagebrush infusion and instead present more of the odds and ends shots that mostly won’t be relevant to the sagebrush developer article (if it gets written).

I brought two cameras on this excursion, my Chroma loaded with Fuji Velvia 50 (my last roll!) and my old Canon with its 28mm lens, loaded with Tmax 3200. I shot this roll at 1600, because I don’t have a dark red filter for the 28mm and the Canon’s fastest speed is 1k. Below are some of today’s Tmax shots. This roll was developed in Cinestill monobath

Riverside Lounge Set

Big Sagebrush can be really big, this one is over 6 feet tall.
Starting to load the Bullitt up with sagebrush
Big Sagebrush Flare


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